Recreational Programs

Our recreational programs provide a culturally safe and appropriate environment to teach participants about culture, self, building confidence and health promotion through education.

Beatball Program

The Beatball program currently runs in Kwinana, Northam and Mandurah in partnership with the City Council Youth teams.

Beatball was initially developed in response to anti-social behaviour and conflict within Aboriginal communities. Beatball engages young people and helps to build their physical health and emotional well-being, as well as vital life skills such as teamwork, self-respect and accountability, deferred gratification, goal-oriented behaviour, and care for others. We hope to encourage young people to avoid participating in anti-social and self-limiting behaviour, and instead live goal directed, positive and enhancing lifestyles. Without this program, there is a higher risk for these young people to commit offending behaviour as a result of boredom, family stress and lack of engagement with their communities.

Deadly Programs

The Deadly Programs targets Indigenous youth aged 8-17 and aim to build a stronger connection to Indigenous culture through culturally focused activities and equip participants with the tools to empowered self-development. We aim to provide a culturally safe and appropriate space to support participants to build their physical and emotional health and wellbeing, self-esteem and self-confidence.

We currently run three programs:

  • Young Yorgas – targeted at Indigenous girls aged 8-12 year olds
  • Deadly Yorgas
  • Deadly Maamans

Regional School Holiday Program

The Regional School Holiday Program delivers cultural sessions in towns across the Southwest, Wheatbelt and Great Southern Regions in the four school holiday periods/year. In these sessions, participants engage in cultural learning, play Traditional Indigenous Games and learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoyed a healthy lunch. In each location, we work with local partners such as Southwest Aboriginal Medical Service, City of Kwinana, City of Mandurah, and many local government shires.

Women’s Programs

We work with a local domestic violence support group to provide activities designed to help teach the Yorgas in our community resilience through life using their connection to their culture.

These activities can include art therapy, cooking, personal development, mindfulness, cultural education, health promotion and life skill education.